‹Ö)€ MUN Athen 2019

MUN Athen 2019

On October 16th, 2019 11 students from grade 10-12, under supervision of Frau Zeindlhofer and Frau Schech, embarked on a trip to Athens.
For three days we represented our school at the 22nd annual DSAMUN (Deutsche Schule Athen Model United Nations). The delegations were; North Korea and Sudan.
During the first two days of our stay we had the chance to discover Athens and its rich history. Visiting the acropolis and viewing the whole of Athens from above was the highlight of our sightseeing experience. During the next three days, the three MUN days, we would wake up super early to get ready, have breakfast early to be able to be at the bus station at 8am. This year the school didn't provide us with a bus, therefore we had to use public transport to and back. Sometimes we didn't even manage to be in the same bus, as it was too crowded, so we would split up. At DSA we debated and discussed various issues concerning the world and at the same time we made friends. You could say it was a “two for one” deal.
After all the hard work and effort put into researching, talking about our topics and hearing all aspects of an issue, we’re happy to say it was an eye opening experience and we would happily do it again.

                                                                        Zeina Serour 10c, Kenzy Abbas 10c